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Technology Navigator® tackles the job of harnessing your data into relevant information in an easy to use and understand format. Solutions that speak to your management team enhancing their understanding of the current situation and in directing their team is invaluable. Our solutions have been designed with this in mind. The data is there, waiting to be pulled together and utilized for strategic decisions and operational efficiency.

All of Technology Navigator® products are available on a 30 day FREE trial and can be individually licensed.

Our Solutions all feature the following benefits:
- 2 Hr typical installation time
- Unlimited number of users
- Your data NEVER leaves your institution
- Unlimited FREE Support, including much for than just technical support!
- FREE Regulatory Audit Support - We support you before, during and after ALL audits

While a comprehensive list of our solutions can be downloaded HERE, we have discounted bundles based on the most popular requests.

- The premier combination of Decision Science tools

***1005 Balance Sheet / Loan Porfolio Analysis
***1006/1009 Delinquency & Charge off Forecasting
***1004 Loan Origination Metrics
***1014 Certificate maturity Modeling
***1055 Products and Services Statistics

- Finally manage the complete lending life cycle specific to 3rd party relationships

***1065 Porfolio Analysis / Concentration Risk / Yield Presentation
***1037/1036 Delinquency & Charge Off trending as well as historicals
***1010 Accounts opened/closed and Loan Payoff forecast vs actual

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Board Reports > Management Reports > Activity Reports

Finding the right data outlining and describing activity within your financial institution is quality reporting. These reports help enhance the understanding of the current business situations and aid managers & supervisors in directing their team to achieve the desired business objectives.

Call Technology Navigator® to unravel your reporting challenges while at the same time, allowing you to keep your focus on your financial institution.

800.966.7260 ext 120 or solutions@technologynav.com